Registration & Fee 報名與費用

Early Bird Discount: Once you complete the registration and deposit before January 31st, will receive the 5% early bird discount.


The fee of trombone competition application: TWD 3000((=~ USD 100)

Tuition and Housing:incuding all tuition, meals, and housing from July 10-16th, transportation and others are not included.

  • Alessi Seminar Participant:TWD 45000(=~ USD 1500)
    Participant Group is assumed to submit the competition with no fee charge.
  • Alessi Seminar Auditor:TWD 24000(=~ USD 800)
  • Alessi Summer Camp: TWD 15000(=~ USD 500)
  • All fee payment outside of Taiwan will be charged by TWD by credit card
  • We will only charge you TWD 3000 (=~USD 100) for the deposit before March 31st and will ask you to pay further between April 1st – 30th.
  • Parent accompany needs meals and accommodation  RMB 2200 (=~ TWD 10000) per person: This option provides the meals, accommodation, and Alessi Recital ticket to the parent who wants to accompany the child. Otherwise, parents could only watch the concerts and competition in the evening between 11-16th.

長號大賽報名費: TWD 3000(=~ USD 100)


  • Alessi Seminar Participant研討會精修組:TWD 45000 (=~ USD 1500)
  • Alessi Seminar Auditor研討會觀摩組:TWD 24000 (=~ USD 800)
  • Alessi Summer Camp夏令營: TWD 15000 (=~ USD 500)
  • 台灣以外的國際付款僅限信用卡方式,若以信用卡支付費用將以TWD台幣換算
  • 無論您報名那個組別,我們都只先收取TWD 3000 (=~USD 100)之訂金,並在4月1日至30日間通知您補繳完成所有費用。
  • 一般家长仅开放聆听11-16日晚间之音乐会及长号大赛,如家长随同参加项目包括: 活動期間食宿、Alessi独奏会门票、校区通行证,费用每人 RMB 2200 (=~ TWD 10000)

Registration 報名方式

On-line Registration 線上報名:線上報名表格 on-line Registration Form 

Deadline 報名截止日期: March 31st, 2019 / 至 2019年3月31日截止

  • On-line audition is required for only Alessi Seminar Participant interested attendees. 12 participants will be chosen from the audition applicants. If you are not selected as a Participant, you may still attend as a Seminar Auditor or Summer Camp member報名Alessi Seminar Participant精修組需上傳影音甄選,由Mr. Alessi親自挑選12名進入Participant精修組。
  • Register as an auditor needs to upload the 3 minutes video for simple audition. 報名觀摩組者需要上傳3分鐘之影像進行簡易甄選。
  • NO AUDITION required for Alessi Summer Camp. 夏令營無需甄選,額滿為止。
  •  < only for Alessi Seminar Participant & Auditor 僅精修組與觀摩組>

Payment method 繳費方式說明

  • Credit Card 信用卡: All fee payment outside of Taiwan will be charged by TWD. 信用卡支付費用將以TWD台幣換算
  • We will only charge you the deposit before March 31st and will ask you to pay further between April 1st – 30th. 無論您報名那個組別,我們都只先收取訂金,並在4月1日至30日間通知您補繳完成所有費用。
  • All supplement payment is due by April 30, 2019. 所有補充費用請於2019年4月30日前繳清

Refunds 退費方式:

Paid deposit before April 30th, 2019.

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