• Audition Requirements and Instructions 線上甄選與說明

    ~NO AUDITION required for  Alessi Seminar Auditor and Summer Camp 觀摩組與夏令營學員無須甄選~

    All interested attendees MUST complete and submit the Registration form 所有報名者須填寫線上報名表格 Registration Form 

    Participants 精修組

    報名及影音上傳截止日期: 2018年5月1日止

    If you are selected as a Participant you will be required to attend the entire Seminar. 如果您甄選上精修組,您將被要求出席參加整個營期活動

    If you are not selected as a Participant, you may still attend as a Auditor or Summer Camp member 如果您沒有甄選上精修組,您仍可報名參加觀摩組或夏令營活動

Tenor trombone repertoire 次中音長號曲目

  • Frank Martin Ballad without piano (Universal Edition), minimum requirement: Beginning until number ⑥
  • Mozart Tuba Miriam solo
  • Ravel Bolero solo
  • Wagner Ride of the Walkure B major (⑥~⑦)
  • Berlioz Hungarian March(⑳~END)

Bass trombone repertoire 低音長號曲目

  • Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto 1st movement beginning until Figure 5 Please record without piano
  • Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto 2nd movement Figure 1 until 3 bars after Figure 2 Please record without piano
  • Blazhevich- Tuba etudes #11 and #17
  • Wagner- Ride of the Valkyries (Major Section)
  • Kodaly- Harry Janos (Movement 5, starting with glisses; play to fermata)

Electronic submissions ONLY 僅提供線上甄選

Please submit using a link to a Dropbox file (or comparable online sharing service) in an email to info@alessiseminaraisa.com
before MAY 1st, 2018. Or you can submit the link when register

All repertoire should be combined into one audio or video file. 所有演奏曲目需包含在同一個檔案裡

Record solo repertoire without piano. 錄製僅能包含長號獨奏,不能有鋼琴

No editing within individual excerpt. 在同一個樂曲之片段間不能剪接

Record all selections in same location.

The result of the audition will be posted on May 15th, 2018 甄選結果將於2018年5月15日公布